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Wetpak Premium

The Country Brewer Wetpak Premium beers are all-malt, full-flavoured beers of distinction. Each box contains 3kg of liquid malt extract with appropriate bittering hops already added, a satchet of specially selected finishing hops to match the beer style, finishing grain and specialty yeast (some kits have additional adjuncts).

Wetpak Kits are formulated as extract brewing kits. They require a little more effort but the end result is definitely worth it. To make a Wetpak beer you will require:

  • Access to a stove or hot plate (one of those little butane gas powered camp stoves will work well).
  • A pot or saucepan that is large enough to hold 6 litres of liquid.
  • A spoon for stirring.
  • 1 hour of your time to monitor your brew while it simmers on the stove.
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