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Cheese Making

Cheese making is a wonderfully satisfying hobby that anyone can get involved in.

Nothing compares to the flavour and quality of a well-made home made cheese

You as the home cheese maker have complete control over the whole process; from choosing the best ingredients to making and serving the finished cheese produced from your own kitchen.

The Epicurean range of cheese making kits, ingredients and supplies were developed and introduced in 2006 with the home cheese maker in mind. Each of the Epicurean Kits contain everything that you need to make the cheeses that their titles state. Unlike other kits, Epicurean Kits are comprehensive. All that you will need to provide is some basic kitchen equipment, milk and time and you are ready to start making cheese at home.

Here's a few free cheese making tips, hints and recipes to get you started with your adventure into home cheese making.

Cheese Making Basics


Camembert Cheese Blue Cheese Gouda Cheese Ricotta Cheese
Feta or Fetta cheese Cheddar Cheese Fresh Mozzarella cheese Colby Cheese
Parmesan or Romano cheese
Swiss or Emental cheese chevre-goats-milk-cheese.jpg butter-recipe.jpg

For an easy read, more detail and further reading, we recommend "Home Cheese Making" by Ricki Carroll.