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Our History


All of you who have regularly visited the shop would know that everything carries a picture of “The Country Brewer” (top right) not knowing the story behind it, or that they were taking home a piece of great Australian art.

The “Country” theme was adopted hoping this would represent the good old ideals of friendly reliable service we wished to offer. The corrugated iron, saddle etc all adds to charm but we were still after a logo to represent all these things. It was then that “Max Mannix” instantly came to mind.

Max Mannix, a self-taught artist, works in oils, acrylics, etchings, pen & inks, & ceramic figurines. Max left home at the age of sixteen to venture north & spent 20 years in the Australian outback working in mustering camps, shearing sheds, droving & fencing.

The colourful experiences of those years & the memories of growing up in a small country town have provided Max with an endless flow of inspiration. His works depict life in the outback as it was then, in a lighthearted vein, keen insight & gentle humour. He has held many highly successful one-man exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra & other country areas. His works are represented in many private collections in Australia, USA, England, Israel, Japan, Germany, New Zealand & Canada.

When originally approaching Mr Mannix, we really didn’t think he would be interested in something so small…but after describing what we wanted to do, he became as keen about the idea as we were.

We were given two “Country Brewers” to choose from (right) & a pencil “country pub scene” which we used for our can background.

We would like to thank Mr Mannix for helping our little brew shop to get off the ground, & we would encourage you all to check out some more of his work on the net. His web address is as follows:  www.maxmannix.com

You can also email Mr Mannix -> website@maxmannix.com