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Brewing Downloads

Instruction Sheets for our Kits

Brewing Kit - Basic (without PET Bottles)

Country Brewer Basic Beer Brewing Kit Instruction booklet.(no bottles)

Brewing Kit - Basic (including PET Bottles) Country Brewer Basic Beer Brewing Kit Instruction booklet.(incl. PET bottles)

Brewing Kit - Premium

Country Brewer Premium Beer Brewing Kit instruction booklet.

Brewing Kit - Keg

Country Brewer Keg Starter Kit brewing Instruction booklet.

Keg System

Intsructions for installing your keg system into a fridge (as provided with the various Country Brewer Keg Systems).

Beer Filter Instructions for constructing and using your Country Brewer beer filter.

Wetpak - Standard

Comprehensive instructions supplied with the general range of Country Brewer Wetpak extract brewing kits.

Hybrid Keg Instructions

New PET Hybrid keg that uses a type 4 commercial coupling


Recipe Style Sheets

Commercial Styles

Recipes designed to emulate a diverse range and variety of beers that are commercially available in Australia.

Inhouse Recipes

A list of recipes for some award winning beers that have been designed by staff at the Country Brewer.


Information Sheets

Alcohol By Volume Chart
A handy chart for working out the Alcohol By Volume (ABV) of your brewed beverage (beer, wine, mead or cider) based on start and finish Specific Gravity readings.

Benefits of Brewing Sugars

Information about the different brewing sugars and adjuncts that should be used in conjunction with beer kit concentrates so that you can make the best of beers.

Brew Log Sheet Keep track of your brews with this handy little printable Brew Log.

Brew In A Bag

Describes the Brew In A Bag (BIAB) method of all-grain brewing. BIAB is an excellent and cost effective next step for Extract Brewers (Wetpak Style) that want to get into the world of All-Grain/Mash Brewing.

Bulk Priming

Bulk priming your brew prior to bottling, ensures even distribution of the additional sugars needed during the carbonation phase (secondary fermentation). It also assists in reducing the yeast sediment in your beer once it is bottled.

Enhancing Beer With Grain

Details how the addition of various specialty grains can really make a difference to your beer. Also provides simple instructions for using specialty grains in your brew (specifically concentrate and extract brews).

Enhancing Beer With Hops

Instructions for tweaking and customising your brew by adding additional finishing hops at various stages during the brewing process.

Grain Info Sheet

A style guide detailing colour rating, flavour and aroma profiles for different varieties of malted and non-malted grain used for brewing, available through the Country Brewer.

Hop Description Sheet

A detailed list of hops describing flavour, aroma and bitterness profiles for brewers, available from the Country Brewer.

Hop Variety Substitution Chart

When a particular variety of hops is unavailable, use this handy reference chart to see what you may be able to substitute instead.

Liquid Yeast Culturing and Propagation

Instructions for culturing (propagating) liquid yeast. For those people who use liquid yeast strains and would like to get a couple of brews out of each pack or tube.

Making a Mash Beer

This information sheet describes in general terms how to go about making an all-grain or mash beer. It is provided more as a beginners reference guide.

Make Your Own Candy Sugar
Some styles of beer (particularly Belgians) require the addition of Candy or Invert sugar as an ingredient. If you can't get hold of the "real deal", you can make your own. Follow these simple instructions and you will be on your way to brewing beers like a monk in no time!

Hot Weather Brewing Tips

For those of you who are not lucky enough to have a cellar or specialised, dedicated brewing fridge to keep your brew cool and comfortable, here are a few tips and hints to help keep your brew cool during those warmer days of Summer.

Winter Brewing

Tips and hints for fermenting beers during the cooler months.