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Food Preserving

Fowlers Vacola Preserving Equipment

Fowlers Vacola is the pioneer of Fruit Preserving Systems in Australia.

In 1915, Joseph Fowler developed the concept and began selling home bottling equipment door to door in Melbourne. By the time of the great depression, Fowlers Vacola was a household name.

What better way could there be to preserve excess produce from your vegetable garden than to make pickles, preserves and jams? All natural with no artificial flavourings, colourings or thickeners. The way foods used to be in our parents' and grand parents' time with all the natural goodness retained.

Fowlers Vacola Preserving Systems are now finding favour with an altogether different generation.

Unlike cheaper immitations, Fowlers Vacola still have the same quality of design and finish as they did from the very beginning. In fact all the jars, clips and lids have been the same design since the first jars were released.

Why change something that works so well?