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Flavourings that Colour



What Water Based Flavourings so unique is that they are two uses in one - they not only flavour what you are adding them to, they colour it as well. So no need to add extra food dyes. 

*** These can NOT be used for colouring or flavouring chocolate - please see Colouring Chocolate and Flavouring Chocolate catagories         

Water Based Flavourings can be used in numerous cooking applications, including tinting and flavouring your cake batter, butter frosting, ready to roll fondant icing, milkshakes, biscuits, slices and more. You can also add a few drops to our plain fondant creme filling to create your own flavour for a soft centered chocolate.

*** store in the fridge to maximise their shelf life - eye droppers are great for storage. They also provide an easy way accurately measure the right amount every time.

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