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What are Beer Concentrates or Kits?

Kits and Concentrates are the best way to get started for the new brewer. All the hard work, time, effort and materials involved with converting malted grain and hops into the sweet wort for your brew has already been done. All that you need to do is focus on getting your sanitation measures and fermentation procedures just right.

The kits and concentrates available at the Country Brewer are provided as a liquid malt extract concentrate. They range in flavour complexity and ease of use starting with the mildly flavoured Rapid Creek range, moving to the more intense Wal's range that have fresh hop pellets added to give extra flavour and aroma. These two ranges both require the addition of extra fermentables to complete the brew. You can also change the profile of the base kit by adding extra hops or sparging some specialty grains into the brew.

We also stock the famous Morgans and Coopers range of beer concentrates.

If you prefer a drier beer or are looking at maintaining your weight while still drinking a full-flavoured beer, we have the low-carbohydrate Decarb range.

For those looking for a more malty brew, there is the Extract range. Extracts are an all malt concentrate with fresh hop pellets added. These don't require the addition of any extra fermentables.

Finally there is the Wetpak Premium range. These are designed with the more advanced brewer in mind. You still don't need to worry about the starch to malt conversion process as with all grain brewing. You do however need a large pot (10 litres+) as you will be boiling the brew, adding hops at various stages to obtain bitterness, flavour and aroma as well as extracting further flavour from specialty grains supplied with each concentrate.

The Wetpak Premium range also has 2 gluten-free kits available for those that enjoy a beer but don't enjoy the gluten intolerance reaction.